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Create a secure financial future for loved ones.

Estate planning is not something that should sit forever on the “to-do” list or be left to the last minute. It is surprising how many people fail to make the necessary plans to look after their loved ones before it is too late.

This can result in:

  • Unnecessary confusion and stress for family members after you are gone
  • Uncertainty about what assets you own
  • Problems accessing digital accounts and other assets
  • Delays with family members or other beneficiaries receiving your assets
  • Financial penalties like excessive taxes for those you leave behind

Often, it is a case of not knowing where to start. Questions can be tough to ask and even tougher to answer. However, with professional guidance, we can make the process quicker and simple for you and your family.

Your estate plan may include:

  • A living will: A living will can help avoid confusion and delays if you become incapacitated and require long-term care in the future.
  • Trusts: We can advise on tax-effective revocable or irrevocable trust setups that can reduce unnecessary outlays and confusion for beneficiaries.
  • Asset protection planning: We can help you protect what you have worked hard all your life to accumulate so that it is not consumed by unnecessary taxes.
  • Charitable deduction planning: If you want to make sure that some of your life’s work benefits others, we will help you organize your charitable contributions.
  • Business succession planning: Plan what happens to your business after you are gone so that there are no surprises, no arguments, and no delays.
  • Medicaid and long-term care planning: Planning for healthcare as you age can save you from significant potential medical expenses. We will help you with a dedicated plan.
  • Probate: Probate and estate administration can be a time-consuming and complex process for families to deal with. We make it easier.

Who are our estate planning services designed for?

With estate planning, it really is a case of being never too early to start.

Planning ahead makes sense for everyone, not just high net-worth individuals or professionals close to retirement.

We regularly provide estate planning services for:

  • Couples with young children
  • Professionals of all ages and incomes
  • Members of the LGBTQ community

Most of our clients live in Topeka or around Shawnee County.

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