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Do you intend to make a claim for damages for personal injury? We can help you maximize your claim.

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Have you been accused of driving under the influence? Our attorneys are experienced in DUI defense.

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Have you been charged with a crime? Our lawyers have built successful criminal defense cases for over 40 years.

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Do you need assistance with life’s difficult questions? We will help you plan the future security of loved ones.

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Pedro Irigonegaray is one of the most experienced, knowledgeable, professional and compassionate attorneys I have ever known. When you need legal advice or someone to fight for you, get the best. Talk to Mr. Irgonegaray.

Jessica Dragoo

Very helpful. Very friendly. Very personable. Even if you need to know which direction to go with your issue, they’ll help show you the way even if it means you don’t need to go through them. We need more kind people like this!

Mitchell Moore

I have known Pedro for many years. A true gentleman, capable and ethical attorney. Glad to see the firm expand with more talented and ethical attorneys. A real asset to the Topeka legal community.

Boyd Fetterolf

Very impressed with their attention to detail, prompt service and professionalism. Highly recommend.

Casey Campbell

Passion for everyone’s rights, especially — but not exclusively — LGBTQ.

James R. Cowles
First, we listen.

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