A law firm designed as a reflection of justice, equality and the greater good.

In many ways, our firm was built in the image of our senior partner, Pedro L. Irigonegaray.

We all feel privileged to be working in the legal profession. That’s because we are in a position to affect positive change in people’s lives, in families, and in society as a whole.

Each of our attorneys takes this responsibility seriously.

Our goal as an organization is to create a legal environment that reflects who we are as individuals. We want to defend the rights of people in the toughest of situations. We want to stand up for equality and justice. We want to look after those who need our help the most – whether struggling single mothers, immigrants or particular social groups that are discriminated against or harassed.

One of the first majority LGBTQ-owned law firms in the state of Kansas

Irigonegaray, Turney, & Revenaugh, L.L.P. is one of the first majority LGBTQ-owned law firm in Kansas.

We defend the rights of these communities because we understand their problems and their struggles.

While we do not exclusively work with such communities, it is a strong source of pride to understand and offer assistance to offer assistance in areas where some local firms cannot or will not.

Indeed, we have provided pro bono and reduced-cost services for those in desperate need who cannot afford representation.

When we started one of the things we said was “People First” and that had a lot of meaning to us because it meant the clients come first.

Our team of compassionate attorneys

How do we work with you?

Our attorneys bring not only decades of experience but also compassion and transparency to the legal profession.

First and foremost, we will connect with you so that we can understand your legal issue. We will listen. That is the purpose of the initial free consultation is to gather all the information we need to advise you on the right steps to take towards a favorable outcome for you or your family.

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Pedro Irigonegaray is one of the most experienced, knowledgeable, professional and compassionate attorneys I have ever known. When you need legal advice or someone to fight for you, get the best. Talk to Mr. Irgonegaray.

Jessica Dragoo

Very helpful. Very friendly. Very personable. Even if you need to know which direction to go with your issue, they’ll help show you the way even if it means you don’t need to go through them. We need more kind people like this!

Mitchell Moore

I have known Pedro for many years. A true gentleman, capable and ethical attorney. Glad to see the firm expand with more talented and ethical attorneys. A real asset to the Topeka legal community.

Boyd Fetterolf

Very impressed with their attention to detail, prompt service and professionalism. Highly recommend.

Casey Campbell

Passion for everyone’s rights, especially — but not exclusively — LGBTQ.

James R. Cowles
First, we listen.

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